I am Jason Phillips, a graphic designer currently creating with Problem Solved and my design services are available for hire. This is my personal portfolio and thought-space.

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Free 'Have Macbook Will Travel' Wallpaper

2013.10.02 - Have Macbook Will Travel

My Macbook is the ultimate tool for freelance graphic design: It's my work-station, presentation display, and internet-distraction provider. Needless to say that this little machine gets around a bit and, whilst musing, the idiom 

Glacier Destroying Whiskers

2013.09.27 - Moustache

Freelancing requires meeting people, and conversations can sometimes need a little nudge to get going. It has come to my attention that my handlebar moustache is a bit of an ice-breaker, but the 2013 Just For Men National Beard and Mustache Championships featured some real glacier-destroyers.

The Art (and Design) of War: Chapter 1 - Making of Plans

2013.08.18 - Art and Design of War

Photo by kanegen

This is the first article in The Art (and Design) of War series, and considers the first chapter of The Art of War: The Making of Plans. Sun Tzu effectively lays out the core principles that will bind his teachings throughout the rest of his work, and I do my very humble best to apply them to the modern world of Freelance Graphic Design.

Designed by Jason Phillips. Based on Hydrogen by Behind the Rabbit for Sandvox.