About Me

I am Jason Phillips, a graphic designer currently creating with Problem Solved and my design services are available for hire. This is my personal portfolio and thought-space. 


I am a self employed graphic designer with a range of skills, but my expertise lies in branding, corporate identity and print design. Creating, developing, or working with a preexisting brand is immensely satisfying as it is an opportunity for all aspects of a brand to work together.

Problem Solved

Since 2012 I have been running a little project entitled Problem Solved, offering brand solutions to a host of different small/medium sized businesses and start-ups, in and around Warwickshire and the West Midlands. Through Problem Solved I am able to play with different business models, testing what works best for different clients; Currently the business is focussing on bundles of design solutions that offer clients better deals when they consider complementary design executions.

For more information on Problem Solved please click here.

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Designed by Jason Phillips. Based on Hydrogen by Behind the Rabbit for Sandvox.