Free 'Have Macbook Will Travel' Wallpaper

2013.10.02 - Have Macbook Will Travel

My Macbook is the ultimate tool for freelance graphic design: It's my work-station, presentation display, and internet-distraction provider. Needless to say that this little machine gets around a bit and, whilst musing, the idiom Have Macbook Will Travel popped into my head seemingly out of the ether. This thought turned into an image, and now it is available to download in several Macbook-friendly screen resolutions.

If you are interested in my Macbook and our ability to travel click here.


Development Tiles

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Click any of the following links, which will open up the images in a new window so that you can download this free wallpaper: 

'Have Macbook Will Travel'  © 2013 Jason Phillips.
Background image by Alex Askew - Some rights reserved.

Designed by Jason Phillips. Based on Hydrogen by Behind the Rabbit for Sandvox.